Liquidity Pool

How to Buy RCC Tokens On Uniswap

Swap ETH for RCC in our dedicated Uniswap pool.


Full instructions on how to swap Ethereum for RCC on Uniswap can be found on our Medium post here

Once you have RCC on the Uniswap exchange you can transfer them to your Reality Clash Account 
where you can purchase RC GUN’s from the Armoury Store

The process is easy:

Open your Metamask and select the amount of RCC you wish to send

Register or Login to your Reality Clash account

Click on the Deposit RCC link in your Hub.


Copy and paste your deposit wallet address into Metamask then confirm the transaction.

Your RCC will then be deposited in your Reality Clash account, ready for trading and purchasing RC GUN’s!

If you have acquired RCC via the Reality Clash website, it will be automatically credited to your account, so you don’t need to do a thing.


RCC Liquidity Pool

The Reality Clash community can now participate in a new liquidity pool for RCC/ETH on Uniswap!

The Uniswap pool can be fund here:


Uniswap fees


You will get a percentage of the fees generated by RCC-ETH trading. The fees you receive from Uniswap are based upon the percentage of the pool that you own. Simply put, the higher your percentage of the pool, the more fees you will accrue. The more trades that occur on Uniswap, the greater the fees will be received. These fees go back into the Pool and can be withdrawn at anytime.


Full instructions on how to become an RCC Liquidity Provider can be found on our Medium post here.

Anyone can participate in the Uniswap RCC economy as a Liquidity Provider. You can learn more about what a Liquidity Provider is here:

Please be aware that nothing is without risk, as a LP, you can experience 'impermanent loss' as a result of price volatility. This means if the price of RCC out performs ETH, your pool share may leave you with less RCC and more ETH than when entering (and vice versa)