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Marketplace FAQ

All of the questions you have about Reality Clash answered here in the Reality Clash FAQs. Info about the Reality Clash Armoury app and the upcoming Reality Clash game.


The Armoury is where you can buy exclusive, limited edition tokenised weaponry with Reality Clash Coins. All items can be viewed in 3D and you can also listen to an audio clip of the weapon in action. Build up a powerful arsenal for use in-game or create a portfolio of items and trade them at the Marketplace. Why not try both!



The Marketplace is the platform on which all user trading takes place. Buyers can find exciting limited-edition items that other traders have listed. You can list any of your own Reality Clash weapons for sale here, at a price of your choosing.


All trades on the Marketplace are made through the Ethereum blockchain and ownership is recorded securely.



To create an account, you will need to head to the 'sign up' page (in the top right hand corner of the page) and complete basic registration. Once that is completed, you'll be one step closer to becoming a virtual arms dealer!



A Reality Clash Gold Coin (RCC) is the only currency that you can use to buy weapons from the Reality Clash Armoury or Marketplace. The currency is an Ethereum-based utility token which provides an immutable public ledger for digital asset trading. Using RCC ensures every item that you buy is 100% yours and item ownership can be tracked through the Ethereum blockchain.



The RC GUN is the ticker/token name of Reality Clash weapons. When items are created, an RC GUN token is generated and all details of the weapon are recorded within the ERC721 token details. The weapons can be transferred like any other asset and traded with other users, but these tokenised weapons can also be used in our mobile AR game, Reality Clash!



You can buy RCC with a credit or debit card on our website here.


Traders who are familiar with cryptocurrency can get their RCC from trading exchanges. Links to these exchanges can be found here.


You are also able to purchase RCC with ETH here.

If you have any problems, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help



The Reality Clash Coin is the only currency you can use to buy exclusive limited-edition Reality Clash weaponry from the Armoury. Once these weapons are sold out, they will not be released again. RCC is also the only currency that users can use to buy rare weapons from other traders at the Marketplace.


More use-cases for RCC are also being developed.



Navigate to:


Copy the deposit address carefully and then send your RCC to the deposit address.

Your RCC will appear in your account within 2 hours.



Navigate to:


Carefully enter the compatible address that you wish to withdraw your RCC to and then click withdraw.

Your withdrawal will be processed within 2 hours.



These weapons are limited edition. Once sold out they will never be available again. Trade them with others for potential profit or use them in-game and show off your style.

Our roadmap also includes other use-cases for these tokenised weapons, which can be used in multiple games on our platform or by other game developers.



Please check your junk/spam folders of your email account and wait at least 1 hour before emailing us with details of your order at:



Please check your junk/spam folders of your email account and wait at least 1 hour before emailing us with details of your order at:



Congratulations! After your purchase, you will receive an email containing details of your order and the attached certificate of ownership. Your weapon will be available in your Reality Clash account and will appear in the 'My Weapons' section of your profile.


You can list your weapons for sale on the Marketplace at any time. You can also link your in-game account with your trading account and start using your weapons in the game right now.



To list items for sale on the Marketplace, head to


Choose from the list of your weapons and place an item for sale at a price decided by you.


Sometimes this process can take more time depending on the business of the network.



Included in each weapon certificate is a unique serial number. As the owner of this asset, only your account has control of the item with this unique identifier. This data is part of the asset information that is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain during the tokenization process which follows your purchase.





Simply open up the game on your mobile and click the 'settings' icon in the top left of the map screen.

You will see an option to 'Link to Marketplace Account'.

Select this option then login to your Marketplace account.

That’s it... after logging in, you can return to the game and unlock your tokenised weapons. See you on the battlefield.