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What are RCC Coins?


The Reality Clash Gold Coin (RCC) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token that serves as Reality Clash's primary trading currency.

Users can buy and trade trade limited-edition branded weapons at the Reality Clash Armoury with these RCC Gold coins.

These items are unique digital assets that are available to use against enemies in-game on Reality Clash, but will also be capable of trading between players with the launch of the Marketplace.

Traders will be able to profit from speculating on these items whilst gamers can collect exclusive items to show off their style to other players.

Proof of ownership of your items is registered on the Ethereum blockchain. You will receive a certificate showing proof of purchase with a unique serial number that is also logged on the Blockchain.

Only you will have access to your items. With this process of tokenisation, true scarcity of these weapons is guaranteed and thus offers value to collectors as there is confidence in knowing that the item you own, is truly your own.

The additional benefit is that these tokenised items have the ability to be transferred to future games on our platform. These items are true digital assets.

RCC Gold Coins can be purchased at the Reality Clash website here and can also be traded at 3rd party exchanges.

RCC Gold Token Metrics

Total supply: 24,487,944.09

Circulating supply: 15,987,944.09

Contract address: 0x9b6443b0fB9C241A7fdAC375595cEa13e6B7807A

Decimals: 18

Symbol: RCC